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If there is not an SDS or the Literature for the product that you need, just call our number [(203)-723-1437] or contact us through email for the information.

Many of the solvents and chemicals that we carry are routinely repackaged into small containers for convenience to satisfy minimal requirements or to minimize exposure hazards.

Wire Strippers: Insulstrip 220, Insulstrip jell, Insulstrip liquid.

Paint Strippers: Furniture strippers (Paste, dip, flow, or types), strippers for building exteriors and interiors, wash solvents, and Industrial Strippers.

Metal Finishing Compounds: Cleaners, Pickling compounds, Burnishing compounds, Non-fuming Brass Bright Dip, Deburring compounds, Stain removers and inhibitors, Aluminum etchants and Acid inhibitors.

Custom Chemical Compounding: Brines and glycol based antifreezes, cleaning compounds of all types, toll blending.

Commercial and Institutional Cleaners: Oven and hood cleaners, Carpet and traffic lane cleaners, general purpose maintenance cleaners, window cleaners, masonry cleaners, Upholstery and carpet spotters, building exterior cleaner, wax strippers, heavy-duty butyl cleaners, disinfectant cleaners, deodorizers, steam cleaners.

Transportation Cleaners: Motorcycle, automobile, truck and heavy equipment cleaners.

Lubricants and Coolants: Hydraulic and motor oils. Stamping and drawing lubricants. Food grade mineral oil.

Reagents: Acetic acid, acetone, ammonium hydroxide, denatured alcohol, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, isopropanol, methanol, methyl ethyl ketone, methylene chloride, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid in various size containers up to 55 gallon drums.

Lacquer Thinners: Thinners. Diluents developed for special situations.

Specialty Industrial and Commercial Chemicals: Antifoams, surface active agents, lacquer thinners.

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